Corporate and Gift Christmas Card and Christmas Magazine Wrap (silk screened on silver mylar)

In the beginning there were; T-Squares, Triangles, Drawing Boards and Ruling Pens.

I began my career in the George Klauber Design Studio just off Union Square in New York City.

My starting position was "last board by the fire escape" and "gopher".

George took everything I learned in art school, threw it off the fire escape and taught me skills I could not have learned anywhere else.

I will always be grateful for his extraordinary influence because I learned the principles of good design and effective company branding from a man who was truly a master of his art.

Some of our notable clients were Herman Miller, Esquire Magazine and Lincoln Center. The images you see at the top left and lower right represent designs I created after I became "first assistant to Mr. Klauber", and thankfully moved up to the "first board by the bosses door"(a mixed blessing). Lincoln Center Performance Programs

Let me introduce myself, my name is Christine McMahan and throughout my career I have had the privilege of working either in, or with small businesses. This career path taught me how to produce appealing marketing solutions in a cost-effective way.

Along the way I discovered the basic principles all sucessful small business entrepreneurs exercise every day;

  • Unfailing Customer Service
  • Creative Marketing Techniques
  • Personal Accountability
  • Self Discipline

The old saying "You have to spend money to make money" is very true.

I just don't think you have to spend a lot of money.