logo design

It all starts with a well designed company logo.

Your logo is your company fingerprint and it should make enough of an impact, that it becomes recognizable in your field.

Since your company logo sets the standard for your company brand, when you select a design, it is important to consider color choice and scalability. The logo should be clear and recognizable reduced to a small web banner size (25%) for web advertising or sponsorship.

  • lakehouse

    Historic Special Event Venue

  • Market

    Local small market and butcher

  • Steves

    Small Live Music Venue

  • ndrw

    Women's Republican Group

  • reimer

    Real Estate Company

  • Mainstreet

    Political Activist

  • avongc

    Local Garden Club

  • Openface

    Small software deveopment company

  • acza

    Cajun and Zydeco Dance Association

  • wess

    Real Estate Rental Company

  • Bayou
    Lousiana Consulting Firm
  • Buford
    City of Buford Georgia
  • Easthouse
    Floorcloth Artist
  • Groom
    Portrait Photographer
  • Healthbux
    Employee Health Management Software - Rewards for Fitness Program
  • Interboro
    New York City Dance Troupe Featuring Dancers From All 5 Boroughs
  • kaldreams
    Program for Teaching Young Women Poise and Self Esteem
  • Kiner
    Freelance Studio Drummer
  • knox
    Tennessee Water Utility District
  • leaves
    Urban Plant Maintenance Service